More About eGift Cards

More About eGift Cards


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In this post we are going to explain a bit more about how eGift Cards can be of a great benefit to your business. Here are seven (7) immediate benefits a business can attain using eGift Cards:

eGift Cards build brand awareness

Not sure if you noticed, but Social Media is a “big thing” right now. Nothing goes viral faster than the information posted on various social networks. Having your brand being shared with an attractive offer is a good way to keep in the minds of potential/current customers.

eGift Cards capture more holiday sales

No more running around or waiting in long lines trying to secure that last-minute gift. Let customers conveniently send your business’ eGift Cards to any recipient of their choice.

eGift Cards enable customer engagement

A connection with a customer may start with an eGift Card, but that does not mean it has to end there. eGift Card programs open doors to further engage new and current customers. In addition, eGift Cards also makes the upselling and cross selling experience much more manageable.

eGift Cards generate useful data

How much do you know about your customers? Do you know their names, telephone numbers, buying habits, what they find appealing, their wants, can you contact them at the click of a button etc. Our eGift Card system has all that covered.

eGift Cards are safe and convenient

Hard to steal, harder to lose and even harder to duplicate. eGift Cards have replaced traditional gift cards and even cash when it comes to security.

eGift Cards offer easy distribution

The digital world allows products to be available on many platforms at no increased cost. Change them on the fly or add to them from the convenience of your dashboard. No recall, graphic work or printing needed. Make endless variations of eGift Cards for your business and distribute them worldwide if necessary.

eGift Cards improve cash flow

Traditional marketing techniques with strong demonstrated return on investment takes time to result in sales. eGift Cards allows businesses to generate revenue in advance prior to producing goods/services.

eGift Cards are extremely customizable

With LyftPal’s intuitive rewards interface you will have access to the contact information of all your customers. Imagine sending a decorative eGift Card with a “Happy Mother’s Day” theme to all your customers a week before Mother’s Day. Imagine doing this for all the holidays including of course “Christmas”!!! Your business will be providing a much needed service to all your last-minute customers.

eGift Cards are COVID-19 PROOF

Unlike cash and most in-store purchases, there is no need for physical contact when redeeming an eGift Card. They are safe to purchase, safe to send and safe to use.

Common Place Scenario

The scenario below shows how an eGift Card can meet both the provider and the customer’s needs in a desperate situation.

A man is in town, hungry and has no money. He also has no eWallet and no bank card on him at the time. Now he passes a restaurant, and the aroma of the freshly cooked food caught his attention. With only a cell phone in hand, how is this man going to purchase himself a meal?

Under normal circumstances he would probably have to bear his hunger a little longer, but guess what? He noticed the restaurant is a user of LyftPal’s eGift Card service. He uses his phone to call his brother and told him to send an eGift Card to his phone. His brother went online, purchased a $25 eGift Card and sent it to his brother in a few clicks.

Almost instantaneously the restaurant received the payment, and his brother received a code to redeem his purchase. The hungry brother entered the restaurant, told them his name, told them the code and within minutes was being offered any meal of his choice within a $25 price range.

eGift Cards require only a little technology to move a “money value” from buyer to recipient. It could be an email, a WhatsApp message, a Facebook message or even a free SMS text message. Even if the hungry man had no credit on his phone, he could still receive the code via a SMS text.

Missing out on sales such as these can affect your bottom line. Embrace technology and start offering professional “Done-For-You” eGift Cards to your customers TODAY!

P.S. With LyftPal’s eGift Card service the funds are deposited directly into the provider’s bank account. LyftPal at no time has any involvement with any funds associated with the purchase of the provider’s eGift Card(s).